Friday, November 06, 2009

39 Weeks

So I am 39 weeks now. Not much surprise here - I always figured I would end up going overdue and have to be induced again, but the doctor tells me there's still plenty of time and not to be too negative. I told him I wasn't being negative, just realistic :)

We had the ultrasound yesterday and was thankful to have Ryan by my side in case there was any bad news. No bad news - the technician said everything looked good and the doctor would go through the results in more detail with me. Size is looking good though, which is a relief.

Today I took Kaitlyn with me to my 39 week doctor's appointment. She loved it. She puts on quite a shy show when she goes to things like this and was good as gold. She was very concerned when the doctor gave me my B12 shot, and was thrilled when she could hear the baby's heart beating. She even accepted Dr. D's invitation and stood on the stool as he measured me and listened intently as he explained where the baby's head, body and feet were.

Kaitlyn has been a little of a handful this week, especially yesterday. We think she might be acting out a little, which is to be expected. Ryan and I have been super busy getting the house ready for our new addition, including moving baby furniture upstairs, into her room and moving some of her stuff out. Well, she had an "accident" at preschool yesterday, and then 3 more when she came home :( She also ate barely anything yesterday and refused almost anything I offered her. I worried she was maybe getting sick but today she's a totally different child. I put her in a pullup as I really didn't want to keep doing laundry all day, and she's stayed 100% dry and is eating like crazy. I guess she gave up her little act when she realized she wasn't getting anywhere.

Anyway, time to get the next load out of the dryer :)