Friday, May 07, 2010

May is Here - Randoms

The last few nights Meagan's sleeping has been slowly improving. I've been relying on teething tablets and cluster feeding in the evening. She even enjoyed some rice cereal (not that I think it will help with her night time wakings but she's getting to that age already) last night. Her newest trick is getting up on all 4s and threatening to crawl. Which is funny since she can not sit at all yet.

The weather has been depressing lately but today it is beautiful outside which helps my mood and Kaitlyn's too it seems.

Mother's Day is on Sunday and if Ryan is reading this, all I want is a few dollars to spend at the salon. Maybe a pedicure... maybe some facial treatments... anything would be nice :)

Ryan's business is booming. He is constantly out cutting other people's lawns, cleaning their gutters, destroying hot tubs etc. We haven't seen a lot of him this week but it sounds like he'll be home tonight and Saturday (and of course Sunday) which will be nice. Plus our own lawn needs some attention.

I have an interview next week for a job promotion. It will be tough competition and I have no idea how it will affect my mat leave if I do get it. I won't worry about that unless I actually am offered the job, but I am not prepared to cut my mat leave short for a job promotion at this point. I am so looking forward to summer with my girls :)

Kaitlyn's birthday is around the corner and she is definitely becoming more manageable and less "3". She does say the funniest things sometimes. Yesterday I treated her with a mini blizzard which she loved. And I said "we'll do more fun stuff like this when the weather is sunny all the time" and she said "yeah, that's because we have more money now". Really?! Not that I'm aware of. We also went for lunch at someone's house and she was offered soup. She didn't like it (she's used to chicken noodle which it wasn't). As we were getting into the car to leave she looks very serious and says "And Mom, that there? In that house? That was not soup."

Anyway, that's a few randoms from life around here. Better go since Kaitlyn's cousin is here to play with her.


Beth said...

That soup comment is priceless! Yay for better weather and good luck with the interview. Hopefully, you'll ace it, and they'll be impressed, so that when you are ready to go back, they'll have an opening for you. :-)

Rebecca said...

I take it that was the soup at my place? Hilarious!

Teresa said...

Well I didn't want you to be offended - and don't be, she is a super picky eater.