Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kaitlyn is 4!

Yes, this is a little late, but my "big" girl (Kaitlyn) turned 4 on May 21st. It was a weekend of celebrating and she loved it. Probably her favourite part was going swimming with her Opa and Oma and cousins. I have to say, swimming lessons were SO good for her! She is really brave in the water, especially with her lifejacket on and will even jump to me unassisted now. She really wanted to jump off the diving board, but chickened out last second. It was a big deal that she walked to the end without me!

Her birthday was Friday and once Ryan got home from work, Kaitlyn opened presents from us and we sang to her. She was then off to her cousins as Ryan and I were going out for dinner without BOTH kids (thank you Rebecca!) for our anniversary. It was really nice to have that break, which again makes me want to force the bottle issue a little more forcefully so we can have a true date night out sometime.

Saturday we went swimming with my family and like I said, she had a blast. Then off to Opa and Oma's for a party to celebrate Kaitlyn's, Owen's and Alyssa's birthdays. Definitely crazy busy but Kaitlyn still had fun. On Sunday after dinner, we finally lit a candle on her cake and sang to her again, and she blew out her candle. She's been having lots of fun playing with all her new toys and wearing new clothes from Oma. Definitely a great weekend!


Beth said...

Happy belated birthday to Kaitlyn! Sounds like a great birthday weekend, with lots of celebrating. And yay for a date night, too!