Monday, February 08, 2010

Meal Planning Monday

Last week's meal plan didn't quite finish the way it was intended. We ended up going out for dinner last night (thanks Mom!) and I did stray from eating according to my diet plan. And tonight we were supposed to have a seafood pasta dish, but Ryan is working a double so I will be pulling some frozen soup out of the freezer and dropping off some leftovers for Ryan at work. So now I have 2 leftover meals from last week I'll incorporate into this week's plan:

Monday: Frozen soup, bread

Tuesday: Fiesta Rice

Wednesday: Chicken fagioli stew

Thursday: Macaroni and cheese (I'm out for a work dinner so it's just Ryan and Kaitlyn for dinner and yes, I'll be home by 8 for Survivor!!)

Friday: Seafood tomato alfredo

Saturday: Veggie lasagne (new recipe I'm trying out)

Sunday: Salmon with dill sauce, rice, beans

Monday: Soup from freezer, bread