Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Lack of Results...

Last night I tried every trick. I gave her a bath before bed, I fed her a few spoonfuls of rice cereal at dinnertime, I put her sleepsack on, gave her Tylenol, turned on the white noise machine. And Meagan was up at least 7 times. I stopped counting after 5. Her nap yesterday was horrible too. I finally had to go and co-nap with her and she would still wake up screaming after half an hour until I soothed her back to sleep and eventually got 3 hours out of her (in total - meaning half hour x 6).

I'm beginning to suspect something medical and am hoping to get her in to a doctor sometime this week, which might be difficult since I'm pretty sure they're closed this week while they move offices. I still don't feel or see teeth, and am getting concerned maybe it's an ear infection.

On a good note, I'm still losing weight but I think that's just because I'm up 20 hours a day :)


Yvonne said...


Get them checked, my friend!! At least them you can rule that out!

Teresa said...

We went to the doctor and it's strep throat. But ears was my thought too!