Thursday, October 29, 2009

Maternity Leave Has Started!

Today was my first day of maternity leave! I am blessed to be able to take a year off from my job and get top-up benefits (employment insurance pays about 55% of my wages and then my employer tops up my benefits to a higher percentage) while doing so, making it affordable to stay at home for a year.

Today I was able to start crossing things off my to-do list, including cleaning up my desk at work, filing for my employment insurance benefits and registering at the hospital. Tomorrow Kaitlyn has her Harvest Hoe-Down party at school and then I have another doctor's appointment in the afternoon. Things I still have to do include setting up the change table and going through the baby clothes and washing them. Which also means I haven't packed our hospital bag yet either... Hopefully this baby cooperates and waits a few more days at least before arriving, allowing me to get everything done in time!

Kaitlyn is still telling everyone she is having a baby sister whose name is Egan, and when you try to suggest it might be a boy and Egan will not be this baby's name, she just looks cute and says "no".

Anyway, will keep you all posted if anything happens!