Thursday, October 22, 2009

37 Weeks Today

Not much new to report. I am 37 weeks pregnant today and considered full term meaning if the baby comes out today, his/her lungs will be fully developed and hopefully won't need any additional care. Not that we're ready for this baby to arrive today - still have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do which will hopefully get done this week!

We served our tenant with his eviction notice and we have given him the option of leaving by November 1st or December 1st. He has verbally told us December 1st, but I'm still holding onto hope that he changes his mind and leaves before this baby arrives. I am so looking forward to having a kids playroom downstairs and a laundry room. Plus ever since the tenant was laid off, he has had his kids staying with him much more and he has zero control over them. Last night I had to listen to one of them scream and yell and cry at 1:30 AM... not fun.

I have 5 days left of work and next Wednesday is my final day for a 1 year!! So excited to be off for that period of time but what a change it will be.

Speaking of which, better get a certain sleepy girl out of bed and ready to face the day!


Cathy said...

All the best to you! Wow! Good luck! I will be watching your blog for baby news!