Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Grocery Update & Meagan is 9 months today!

So I did my groceries for the week yesterday. Superstore shopping came to $87 and produce shopping was $18 - so I went $5 overbudget. The good thing about that number is I was forced to buy a few things that hopefully next week I won't have to - like coffee, chicken, and some other meats. I also picked up a couple peaches when I saw they were in from the Okanagan and cut some up for Meagan last night - she loves them! If only I knew how to can, I would can a bunch and store them up for later while they're cheap.

Right now I'm reading a book called America's Cheapest Family by Steve and Annette Economides. I'm currently on the grocery shopping chapter and am floored at what they accomplish. They are a family of 7 (including 3 teenage boys) who feed their family on $350 per month (book was published in 2007) and only grocery shop once per month so only 12 times per year. The trip takes 5 hours each time but wow, $350 per month??

My baby is 9 months old today. Crazy! The time is flying by with some ups and downs. I don't have her stats yet but might just go to the clinic today to have her weighed and measured for the record.

At 9 months, Meagan:

- still doesn't really sit unless she's in a chair. She can do it, but doesn't want to - she'd rather be scooting around the room either doing an army crawl or in her walker (she flies across the room in that thing!)

- has 1 tooth on the bottom and another on the way

- usually wakes up once a night for a quick feed and still won't take a bottle or a sippy cup

- loves to feed herself and is trying new tastes and textures everyday. Right now her favourite is Gerber Puffs - doesn't matter what flavour, she loves them!

- is a super happy baby and loves to laugh. By herself, with her sister (those two can really get each other going), or a silly fake laugh just being a bit of a clown

- loves Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn loves her

- is such a joy and blessing to our family :)


Beth said...

OMG--that smile is so adorable! I just want to kiss her all over! As for canning, it's supposed to be pretty easy, but would require some upfront costs for jars/lids, a big pot if you don't have one, and other supplies. I'm sure there are lots of Web sites that give how-to's. And the grocery shop looks successful! Some weeks, I stock up on meat on sale, so my bill is more like $120, but then the next week, I try to buy no meat and keep the bill around $80. It's a challenge, but you'll get into a rhythm before too long. I shop once a week, and sometimes have to get more milk or OJ during the week, but that's about it.

Doulanic said...

$350 a month? That's crazy!!
How on earth do they keep milk, dairy, produce etc fresh for 1 month with 7 people? We have 6 people, and I go every week mostly for stuff like that. And we have 2 fridges! I don't get how people do that.
Oh - and if that was 2007, add $100 to the month to count inflation! :-)

Teresa said...

Nicole - that's why I put the publication date so people could adjust for inflation. But still - even at $450/mo for a family of 7?! They freeze some of the milk, shred the cheese and freeze some, buy a chub of meat and slice and freeze it for sandwiches. There's some interesting ideas in there but I still don't think I would be able to do it!

Anonymous said...

Canning peaches is so easy and they taste amazing in January :) Try going to a thrift store for the jars.

Don't freeze milk, it is disgusting! My mom did it once when I was a kid. She ended up having to throw it all out.

Teresa said...

Lol - thanks for the tip. We don't have the freezer room anyway :)

Anonymous said...

teresa the book is is canadian or american that also makes a huge difference as some of the food in america is way cheaper. my friends know me as a very cheep food shopper and I still spend about 900.00 a month. but it sounds like an interesting book to read, I am always looking for ideas to make things cheaper :)


Anonymous said...

It is possible to stay within a $500-525 grocery budget (family of six) but that takes a lot of work. I'm a stay at home mom so I have the time to bake most everything (including bread, buns etc), make jam, can fruit (only when I can get it for free - otherwise it isn't worth the cost and effort), garden, freeze veggies, make iced get the picture.... It takes time to look through grocery flyers, clip coupons but saves a lot of money in the long run. All the best Teresa - it's great to have goals!