Saturday, January 24, 2009

Potty Training

Well, training is well underway. Helps that it started while I was away on our holiday :P

Apparently Kaitlyn is much better behaved at the babysitter's than she is at home. I generally have her in pull-ups during the day but still a diaper at night. (The diaper at night is mostly because of her ear infection/cold so she is drinking extra and waking up at night more than usual. Still, she's more often than not making it through the entire night dry and goes potty in the morning.) When she's at home, I will try to put her on the potty when I think about it, but generally she goes and then tells me she's wet. During the day at Krista's, she lasts in the same pull-up all day without accidents, so basically she's getting away with mommy being a sucker at home.

Last weekend I bought her a package of Dora underwear which she is very excited about. Well today she decided she wants to wear them and does not want the pull-up. I warned her, she has to tell me and has to use the potty and she agreed. So we shall see where this goes! I really hate cleaning up messes!!


Melissa said...

How is it going with the potty training?

Teresa said...

Pretty good! She knows, but sometimes she's just lazy. She was very proud of getting to the potty in time for #2 tonight though!