Monday, January 21, 2008


So apparently I don't post enough. Some days I just feel like nothing else is really new so why really blog about it? Well, I guess I should give it more effort so here's a post just because ;)

I am training people at work. I know - what??? Aren't I still technically "in training"? Well, I'm flattered but have to admit, it takes a lot of patience when I'm trying to do my own job and explain it at the same time.

Kaitlyn is full of words and understands basically everything you say to her. Her favourite word right now is a tie: "ball" (she loves to play fetch with Daddy and I jokingly say we no longer need a dog), or "owy" (she's always got an "owy" somewhere on her body). She made me laugh the other day when Ryan went over to help Brad with the bathroom remodelling while Kaitlyn was down for her nap. We were getting ready to join them over at Becca and Brad's house for dinner - shoes on, jacket on, when Kaitlyn suddenly looked very worried and said "Uh oh - where's Daddy?" and went running from room to room, fearing we would leave him behind. I explained to her we were going to see Daddy and she was like "oh" and happily got in the van.

Anyways, off to eat some dinner and watch the Nucks. "no nana no" (in Kaitlyn's language this means "go Canucks go").


Yvonne said...

Nice to hear from you Teresa ... the everyday "nothing" is still important!

Belated Happy Birthday .... 30!!!! Did you have a big party!!

Teresa said...

Nope, no big party. The day passed with very little fanfare. Why draw attention to the fact I'm getting old, right?? Thanks for the wishes!